Unaffiliated Dressage Leagues 2012/13

Final league standings for rider and horse parings will appear here for the 2012/13 season. The scoring is based on 10 points for 1st, 8 points for 2nd, 7 points for 3rd, 6 points for 4th, 5 points for 5th, 4 points for 6th and 1 point for anyone who isn't placed but has a score of 60% or more. In addition, one point is given regardless of place for each test done. Rosettes will be awarded to the first six places in each of the leagues. Prizes will be awarded at the Championship in July 2012.

The Walk & Trot league contains results from Classes 1 and 2 for both Senior and Junior riders. The Senior and Junior leagues contain results from Classes 3 to 7 for both open and restricted sections. Equal point scores are assigned places on the basis of the number of highest placing results. For the league only, placing is assigned from class 7 using only the highest % result if more than one test has been performed in this class on that occasion by a combination. Placing for class 7 is not split for juniors and seniors and is assigned from the class overall.


W&T League

Horse Rider 1st 2nd  3rd 4th 5th 6th >60% N.P.* Entry Points Total Place
Patrick MachaDebbie Wicks6303000121141
MagpieKiri Orriss41000005532
AlfieJulie Quarry11100003283
Super RevoKerry Burn20000002224
Silent GambleAmy Smith02000002185
WillowKerrie McGrory02000002185
Fenwick Coffee JohnneyLucy Denny00101002147
Joukje.VKaren Burrowes00101002147
AnnieHattie Garner10000001119
Lord of the Manor IVYvonne Botham10000001119
Rudi SinartraSarah Gunn10000001119
Tinkers WayVanda Ruffle10000001119
Undercover AgentRosie Carlick10000001119
BeeSaskia Gingell01000001914
CheyenneDonna Wiseman01000001914
StiltonMillie Preece01000001914
JubileeIvi Gingell00100001817
MagpieRachel Orriss00100001817
Portmore FidlerPhoebe Gooderham00100001817
StanleyTammy Rose00100001817
Titus AndronicusLily Higson00100001817
Smooth OperatorAdele Moye00010001722

Senior League

Horse Rider 1st 2nd  3rd 4th 5th 6th >60% N.P.* Entry Points Total Place
Silver SwirlMaria Lucas231310010841
Pink Gin IIFrancesca Smith25000007672
Royal WhiskersSophie Dunkerley51000006643
HonestleighJimmer Alderton22200006564
Little Tinker TommiMarie Filby12021006495
Mahony's CuttinJo Cross40000004446
Silent GambleAmy Smith01211006397
Andes Classic DiamondKatherine Day11110004358
CadenzaDiana Grant30000003339
Fuxus van de BuxushoeveNaomi-Jayne Sharp210000033110
VladimirCarol Waudby210000033110
MacKate Markham200100043012
The DukeTracey Jacobs120000032913
Royal HeroNaomi Nunn002011042714
Celtic HorizonCatherine Brain200000022215
Jack SprattRebecca Light200000022215
Undercover AgentRosie Carlick011001032217
Chase my CharlieCarolyn Warren110000022018
GoodwillLydia Wade110000022018
PintaWendy Brinkley110000022018
RomanJulie Bowen020000021821
Old Hall TiffanyRachael Warby100010021722
Cloigen CameronHelen Rice011000021723
Heathercombe Blue JasperRachel Rozier011000021723
Mister McIlvennaJane Parkinson002000021625
PepsiCarly Day001010021426
MurphyRichard West000200021427
High FlyerNaomi Nunn001001021328
Ruby-LouKaren Nunn000110021329
Andes Classic DiamondCarly Day100000011130
JasperEmma Robinson100000011130
Merlin's MagicAmy Smith100000011130
OrianaCathy Hughes-Hallett100000011130
Rudi SinartraSarah Gunn100000011130
TwiggyEmma Robinson100000011130
Clopton Black OrchidJay Brockbank010000021036
Aberllwyd SatraKaren Day01000001937
Dark OrchidJim Revilles01000001937
Gee WhizzVicky Day01000001937
KieraPenny Makinson01000001937
Lord of the Manor IVYvonne Botham01000001937
Poppy ParisLinda Griffin01000001937
Bynea StarCathy Hughes-Hallett00100001843
Barnhil BrownieGeorgina Payne00010002844
TillyAlisha Clack00010001745
BillyKala Nobbs00001001646
OscarCarolyn Warren00001001646
Smooth OperatorAdele Moye00001001646
DillyHelen Rice00000101549
TeddyBenny Stenderup00000101549
AceKirstin Tricker00000001151
Titus AndronicusLily Higson00000001151

Junior League

Horse Rider 1st 2nd  3rd 4th 5th 6th >60% N.P.* Entry Points Total Place
Mr FrostyMarcus Purnell71000008861
AnnieHattie Garner02300005422
Going for GoldThomas West20000002223
Tontos ScoutHolly Bland20000002223
Sporting LuckRemy-Violet Farrant10000001115
BeeSaskia Gingell0100000196
MagpieKiri Orriss0100000196
RollyHatti Garner0001000178
JubileeIvi Gingell0000100169