Unaffiliated Dressage Leagues 2013/14

Final league standings for rider and horse parings will appear here for the 2012/13 season. The scoring is based on 10 points for 1st, 8 points for 2nd, 7 points for 3rd, 6 points for 4th, 5 points for 5th, 4 points for 6th and 1 point for anyone who isn't placed but has a score of 60% or more. In addition, one point is given regardless of place for each test done. Rosettes will be awarded to the first six places in each of the leagues. Prizes will be awarded at the Championship in July 2012.

The Walk & Trot league contains results from Classes 1 and 2 for both Senior and Junior riders. The Senior and Junior leagues contain results from Classes 3 to 7 for both open and restricted sections. Equal point scores are assigned places on the basis of the number of highest placing results. For the league only, placing is assigned from class 7 using only the highest % result if more than one test has been performed in this class on that occasion by a combination. Placing for class 7 is not split for juniors and seniors and is assigned from the class overall.


W&T League

Horse Rider 1st 2nd  3rd 4th 5th 6th >60% N.P.* Entry Points Total Place
Strawman SurpriseMarcus Purnell32210008741
Honey BKirstin Tricker13400008702
FleurAmy-Leigh Wing31000004423
Penny BrownOlivia Blackden01200003254
Barham SaracenClare Collins20000002225
Miss VTracey Standford20000002225
Prince RegentMarcus Purnell20000002225
Standing OvationHelen Pearce11000002208
Top TottieChloe Pynen11000002208
Viente SieteKerry Carter11000002208
OliverCatherine Wynne101000021911
MillyEma Lewis100100021812
TiggerFearn Bourne100100021812
Midnight StarMaria Lucas011000021714
StiltonMillie Preece011000021714
Pintofields St LazareRuth Eley002000021616
Temple PlaceLaura Titmarsh000200021417
Charwood's Hightowne KiteGemma White100000011118
MagpieRachel Orriss100000011118
PotterKatie Hall100000011118
RoloRhia Coop100000011118
TiggerIsabel Bourne100000011118
AmityAlison Medcalf01000001923
Bulmers ChameleonSarah Little01000001923
EddieOlivia Blackden01000001923
Mister GuinessJane Nunn01000001923
O'CaseyKaren Sturgeon01000001923
TiggerRyan Bourne01000001923
April LilyMegan Nunn00100001829
Just DaveLucy Greer00010001730
Pilgrims ProgressKimberley Roden00010001730
Panacotta PebblesSophie Miles00001001632

Senior League

Horse Rider 1st 2nd  3rd 4th 5th 6th >60% N.P.* Entry Points Total Place
Silent GambleAmy Smith5501001121091
Seal of ApprovalLiz Harrison51200008802
Royal HeroNaomi Nunn13301109733
Mahony's CuttinJo Cross42000006624
Mister McIlvennaJane Parkinson10320007505
CasperJess Clarke11120005426
Royal WhiskersSophie Dunkerley20110004377
Aughabeg PrinceNaomi Shotbolt12000003298
Super RevoKerry Burn02010003259
HonestleighJimmer Alderton011010142510
Marvellous MarvinJessica Elliot001012042411
B UnienkeJo Cross200000022212
Celtic HorizonCatherine Brain200000022212
Cressida ZLeigh Emma Isaac200000022212
Holsworthy Amber LightSarah Lane200000022212
Stanley Grange NightshadeJulie Quarry200000022212
Woodcroft MilanJanette Coles200000022212
Zee ZeeSharon Broadley200000022212
Dancing DennisJoanne Sharpe110000022019
Old Hall TiffanyRachael Warby110000022019
Rickamore SurfPenny Makinson110000022019
Riverangel BoJayne Gingell110000022019
Shallys GameJo Cross110000022019
Heathercombe Blue JasperRachel Rozier101000021924
Obrador de la LogeSarah Watkins101000021924
Pirate PeteRichard Edmondson101000021924
SoloKarla Parsons101000021924
Fuxus van de BuxushoeveNaomi-Jayne Sharpe100100021828
Savanna GretchinMaria Lucas100100021828
Klanhugh OvertimeAnnastasia Christoforou Fox020000021830
Lord of the Manor IVEve Botham020000021830
Mr MuppettAlison Jenkins020000021830
VladimirCarol Waudby020000021830
Mahony's CuttinGemma Cox011000021734
Silver SwirlMaria Lucas011000021734
WillowKerrie McGrory011000021734
Poppy ParisLinda Griffin002000021637
Little Tinker TommiMarie Filby010010021538
Dark OrchidJim Revilles001100021539
Aesthete Majestic TimesAnne Killett001010021440
MojoMelanie Reeder000110021341
Mister GuinessJane Nunn100000011142
PolarIzzy John100000011142
Vixen IIJose Lewis100000011142
LouisMarie Johansson01000001945
Medecean MessengerMichelle Thurlow01000001945
GoodwillLydia Wade00100001847
Pilgrims ProgressKimberley Roden00010001748
PotterKatie Hall00010001748
Silverbridge AlfieJudy Stevens00010001748
Just JackLaura Bourne00001001651
PintaWendy Brinkley00000101552
Aberllwyd SatraKaren Day00000001153

Junior League

Horse Rider 1st 2nd  3rd 4th 5th 6th >60% N.P.* Entry Points Total Place
MagpieKiri Orriss71000008861
ReefGeorgia Griggs42000006622
TiggerIsabel Bourne40000004443
Ropewalk ViscountessHarmony Hagger20000002224
VinnyHarmony Hagger20000002224
CJJoseph Barber11000002206
Brockington FoxwhelpSophie Pettit01100002177
JaquartSara Collison10000001118
EddieOlivia Blackden0100000199
Penny BrownOlivia Blackden00100001810