Unaffiliated Dressage Leagues 2014/15

Final league standings for rider and horse parings will appear here for the 2014/15 season. The scoring is based on 10 points for 1st, 8 points for 2nd, 7 points for 3rd, 6 points for 4th, 5 points for 5th, 4 points for 6th and 1 point for anyone who isn't placed but has a score of 60% or more. In addition, one point is given regardless of place for each test done. Rosettes will be awarded to the first six places in each of the leagues.

The Walk & Trot league contains results from Classes 1 and 2 for both Senior and Junior riders. The Senior and Junior leagues contain results from Classes 3 to 7 for both open and restricted sections. Equal point scores are assigned places on the basis of the number of highest placing results. For the league only, placing is assigned from class 7 using only the highest % result if more than one test has been performed in this class on that occasion by a combination. Placing for class 7 is not split for juniors and seniors and is assigned from the class overall.


W&T League

Horse Rider 1st 2nd  3rd 4th 5th 6th >60% N.P.* Entry Points Total Place
MaisieTracey Sandford62000008841
Strawman SurprisePeter Purnell02500108632
JessicaVictoria Whiting03100004353
BooNaomi Shotbolt20000002224
GemCatherine Orr20000002224
Lakehead CindyMegan Nunn20000002224
KhamsinKiri Orriss11000002207
Bulmers ChameleonSarah Little01100002178
HenryEma Lewis10000001119
ScottieTara Ashton10000001119
TiggerRyan Bourne10000001119
April LilyMegan Nunn01000001912
TiggerFearn Bourne01000001912
Lord of the Manor IVEve Botham00100001814
Baybrook ToyboyTara Ashton00010001715
ClydeRichard Frost00010001715
Rocky RockstarTivvy Stoodley00010001715
Lord LoxleyMichele McCarthy00001001618

Senior League

Horse Rider 1st 2nd  3rd 4th 5th 6th >60% N.P.* Entry Points Total Place
Dark OrchidJim Revilles8400000121241
Silent GambleAmy Smith1622010121002
BobRobyn Swan203330011853
Seal of ApprovalLiz Harrison43100008794
Pirate PeteRichard Edmondson22121109735
HonestleighJimmer Alderton21401008696
Aberllwyd SatraKaren Day32200007677
Midnight StarMaria Lucas22110006558
Mr MuppettAlison Jenkins11220006509
Honey BKirstin Tricker002310064310
Coz me is GingerGeorgia Griggs300000033311
Silver SwirlMaria Lucas012100043212
OliverCatherine Wynne120000032913
Shally's GameJo Cross111000032814
BudySarah Watkins200000022215
Old Hall TiffanyRachael Warby200000022215
BelleJose Lewis110000022017
CloudSarah Ager110000022017
Mahony's CuttinJo Cross110000022017
Warrawee Falcon's FlightSamantha Janaway110000022017
Billly WhizzCarolyn Hall101000021921
Casey JuniorHannah Bond101000021921
CasperJess Clarke101000021921
Barnhill BrownieVerity Malcolm020000021824
Mr HAli Metcalfe020000021824
EurodollarSteve Brown010100021626
Lucky DollarHelen Rice010010021527
Gee WhizzVicky Day001100021528
RupertNiki Barker001010021429
Aughabeg PrinceNaomi Shotbolt100000011130
ClydeRichard Frost100000011130
Lord of the Manor IVEve Botham100000011130
SarrieClare Collins100000011130
Tomgarrow MaggsSheila Gray100000011130
WelttraumSophie Dunkerley100000011130
Lord LoxleyMichele McCarthy01000001936
ScottieTara Ashton01000001936
PintaWendy Brinkley00100001838
Rocky RockstarTivvy Stoodley00100001838
GoodwillLydia Goodwill00010001740
Undercover AgentRosie Carlick00010001740
Baybrook ToyboyTara Ashton00000101542
TeaRachel Chilvers00000101542

Junior League

Horse Rider 1st 2nd  3rd 4th 5th 6th >60% N.P.* Entry Points Total Place
StiltonMillie Preece14010006541
RooIsabel Bourne31000004422
Familiar TerritoryCharlotte James21000003313
MaisieJemima Whitwell10001002174
MollyJemima Whitwell00200002165
Peter's FancyFreya Willcocks10000001116
Strawman SurpriseMarcus Purnell10000001116
Trigger IIIFreya Willcocks0100000198