Unaffiliated Dressage Leagues 2016/17

Final league standings for rider and horse parings for the 2016/17 season. The scoring is based on 10 points for 1st, 8 points for 2nd, 7 points for 3rd, 6 points for 4th, 5 points for 5th, 4 points for 6th and 1 point for anyone who isn't placed but has a score of 60% or more. In addition, one point is given regardless of place for each test done. Rosettes will be awarded to the first six places in each of the leagues. Prizes will be awarded at the Championship on Sunday 14th August 2016.

The Walk & Trot league contains results from Classes 1 and 2 for both Senior and Junior riders. The Senior and Junior leagues contain results from Classes 3 onwards for both open and restricted sections. Equal point scores are assigned places on the basis of the number of highest placing results.


W&T League

Horse Rider 1st 2nd  3rd 4th 5th 6th >60% N.P.* Entry Points Total Place
Martletwy MayGemma Austin51100007721
LucyCaroline Houston50200007712
Redwings QuincyMary King51000006643
Clantara F.EGemma Hill31000004424
FuseDi Archer02110004335
StormhavenKayleigh West00211005306
DinkieLucy Prentice20000002227
PrinceEmily Horner11000002208
Philmarsh TinkerbelleOlivia Livall02000002189
CharlieEllie Pearson011000021710
FinnyAndrea Brock010100021611
Chantilly MistDeborah Ewing001100021512
Mr PerriwinkleFaith Dilley001100021512
Aughoo RoverClaire Lovick000110021314
Bit of a MadamEmma Reader000101021215
Bayview BoyMaddie Albon100000011116
MaryPenny Todd100000011116
Princess HollyGeorgia Dilley100000011116
SunnyFearne Bourne100000011116
Thane of CawdorJo Cross100000011116
Latino's JuniorJim Revilles01000001921
MopsySharon Dawson01000001921
Prosperous in WarFay Donovan01000001921
Red RevelKaren Adams01000001921
SunnyLaura Bourne01000001921
BonnieMarion Christoforou00010001726
RubyJenny Blenkiron00001001627
AnnabelleAlice Cutter00000011228

Senior League

Horse Rider 1st 2nd  3rd 4th 5th 6th >60% N.P.* Entry Points Total Place
Pirate PeteRichard Edmondson9311100151471
Seal of ApprovalLiz Harrison7310100121182
MaisieTracey Sandford541000010993
Handsome GeorgeLiz Crowe52100008814
Indigo Macha PrideLyn Syrett232012010815
Merlin's MagicAmy Smith20700009786
Aberllwyd SatraKaren Day42010007697
Paulank BraveAlice Cutter03140109688
Rose of MelsRuth Eberhardt21221008679
Bulmers ChameleonSarah Little131210086610
Noblesse ObligeFrances Ferneyhough131100065311
OliverCatherine Wynne311000055012
Welttraum IISophie Dunkerley400000264813
Classic Dazzles CharmTrudi Cutter310000044214
Shally's GameJo Cross310000044214
Midnight StarMaria Lucas112010054216
LibbyLorraine Webster210010043717
WestcoastSarah Howlett112000043618
Silent GambleAmy Smith111100043519
LighteningSarah Moorbey012010043120
Ffynonbach Hugo BossHelen Rice201000033021
Martletwy MayGemma Austin111000032822
Bit of a MadamEmma Reader101100032623
TravisMichele McCarthy021000032624
Blackbourn BoudicaNaomi Shotbolt200000022225
Gentleman JackClaire Weale200000022225
KiraElizabeth Allen200000022225
Over and OverLucy Prior200000022225
Sheila's HeartEmma Robinson200000022225
Celtic HorizonCatherine Brain110000022030
Gee WhizzVicky Day110000022030
Orrllan JackJane Tricker110000022030
RH Where's WallySteph Johnson110000022030
StiltonMillie Preece110000022030
Vladimir VICarol Waudby110000022030
Indigo RamboSteve Brown000111041936
QuinnSarah Watkins020000021837
LolaJane Spencer100010021738
ClydeRichard Frost010100021639
Mr GlenClaire Harris010100021639
ComicoJane Spencer002000021641
LohengrinClaire Gough010001021442
Textbook TedClaire Gough000101021243
DuckySophie Pease100000011144
EmilyBev White100000011144
GoodwillLydia Goodwil100000011144
LighteningDeb Borham100000011144
Mahony's CuttinJo Cross100000011144
Quite Frankley FronkShirley Dunkerley100000011144
Red RevelKaren Adams100000011144
Chantilly MistDeborah Ewing010000121151
BonnieAnnastasia Christoforou Fox01000001952
Cloigen CameronHelen Rice01000001952
Fuxus van de BuxushoeveNJ Sharpe01000001952
LucyCaroline Houston01000001952
Pilgrim's ProgressKim Roden01000001952
PolarIzzy John01000001952
Silver SwirlMaria Lucas01000001952
Sunny BankSamantha Janaway01000001952
RemySarah Moorbey00100002960
PollyHelen Harding-Brett00100001861
SunnyLaura Bourne00100001861
Big TimKarl Dawson00010001763
Prosperous in WarFay Donovan00010001763
Honey BKirstin Tricker00001002765
soxSarah Moorbey00001001666
Bazinga BobRobyn Swan00000101567
StormhavenAlice Cutter00000001168
StormhavenGeorgia Taylor00000001168
StormhavenSarah Moorbey00000001168

Junior League

Horse Rider 1st 2nd  3rd 4th 5th 6th >60% N.P.* Entry Points Total Place
RooIsobel Bourne90000009991
MaisieJemima Whitwell31000004422
ConkerMegan Syrett11000002203
Marbon MarbayaLibby Hart11000002203
MollyJemima Whitwell11000002203
Bayview BoyMaddie Albon10000001116
Princess HollyGeorgia Dilley10000001116
Warmington BeautyAbigail Bryan10000001116
PrinceEmily Horner0100000199