Unaffiliated Dressage Leagues 2018/19

League standings for rider and horse parings will appear here for the 2018/19 season up to and including the competition on 28-07-2019. The scoring is based on 10 points for 1st, 8 points for 2nd, 7 points for 3rd, 6 points for 4th, 5 points for 5th, 4 points for 6th and 1 point for anyone who isn't placed but has a score of 60% or more. In addition, one point is given regardless of place for each test done. Rosettes will be awarded to the first six places in each of the leagues. Prizes will be awarded at the Championship on Sunday 11th August 2019.

The Walk & Trot league contains results from Classes 1 and 2 for both Senior and Junior riders. The Senior and Junior leagues contain results from Classes 3 onwards for both open and restricted sections. Equal point scores are assigned places on the basis of the number of highest placing results.


W&T League

Horse Rider 1st 2nd  3rd 4th 5th 6th >60% N.P.* Entry Points Total Place
Eskadale ValenciaAmara Marriott9010000101071
Maple-MayJulia-Sue Kerle80000008882
AlfieYvonne Jones023310110713
Prosperous in WarFay Donovan12202007574
Owlwood AphroditeSarah Moorbey22200006565
DenariSophie Dunkerley41000005536
CirrusEilish Lawler00102104257
PurdeyClare Brown02000002188
GraceShannon Baxter01100002179
JimmyJade Perry01100002179
RafiellDeena Fox01100002179
Fleetwood JackEmma Yeates010100021612
Standing OvationHelen Pearce001100021513
Frosty JakCharlotte Johnson000101141514
BonnieMarion Christoforou001001021315
All for the LoveSamantha Wright000110021316
Bonnie ViiRachel Rose100000011117
Philmarsh TinkerbellOlivia Livall100000011117
DoraEmma Neville01000001919
FuseDi Archer01000001919
Laithehill ChoirmasterTia Wynne-Rogerson01000001919
Milbrae DannyGeorgia Dilley01000001919
EddieJo Cross00100001823
Romanno Anais AnaisMelanie Firth00100001823
Charwoods MatildaGemma Austin00010001725
Go with the FloSam Dew00010001725
HarveyAlice Cutter00010001725
StormhavenKayleigh West00010001725
Willow the WispKath Dickson00010001725
Gaelic EnchantmentJames Tebbitt00000101530
MarleyCarole Hughes00000101530
Amour de ma VieSally Wilkin00000011232

Senior League

Horse Rider 1st 2nd  3rd 4th 5th 6th >60% N.P.* Entry Points Total Place
Aberllwyd SatraKaren Day6820000161541
DenariSophie Dunkerley8200000101062
Prosperous in WarFay Donovan2225110131023
Silent GambleAmy Smith422101010904
BooNaomi Shotbolt80000008885
Nickel IRia Smulovic52020009876
Full of ItDarren Barrett42000006627
Colorlites Special EditionJo Cross13210008628
DinkyCatherine Brain41100006619
Woodlander Rock MusicShirley Dunkerley410010065910
TravisMichele McCarthy132000065411
ClydeRichard Frost221000054812
Welttraum IISophie Dunkerley400000044413
Indigo Macha PrideLyn Syrett031100054214
Handsome GeorgeLiz Crowe301000044115
DoraEmma Neville211000043916
Blueberry JackNicola Machin120100043617
Aughoo RoverClare Lovick012100043218
Midnight StarMaria Lucas210000033119
BillyCarolyn Hall012010043120
Glenalla Jack DanielsLisa Miles011100042521
Merlin's MagicAmy Smith001110142322
Celtic HorizonCatherine Brain200000022223
Classic Dazzles CharmTrudi Cutter200000022223
DerekNaomi Sharpe200000022223
FedererLizzie Drury200000022223
Forest BadgerAnne Kewley200000022223
Royal WhiskersSophie Dunkerley200000022223
Colehill CarerraLeila Loveday110000022029
Cos me is GingerGeorgia Griggs110000022029
Diversity DaybreakKit Rolfe110000022029
Kilbally AnraiCaroline Drew110000022029
Popsters MasterclassEmma-Jane Smith110000022029
Striking StoneSarah Ahrens110000022029
VinceKarla Parsons110000022029
Noblesse ObligeFrances Ferneyhough101000032036
CarrieMary Spencer101000021937
MaisieTracey Sandford020000021838
Maple-MayJulia-Sue Kerle020000021838
RooLaura Bourne020000021838
Kit KatAnnastasia Christoforou Fox100010021741
Pirate PeteRichard Edmondson002000021642
PotterKatie Hall001100021543
Owlwood AphroditeSarah Moorbey001001021344
Penhaligon TemptressRhianna Walton001001021344
HarveyAlice Cutter000110021346
JimmyJade Perry000110021346
Briarwood Forget Me NotBelinda Bell100000011148
Freya FuntimeEmma Robinson100000011148
Johnny's LegendGemma Austin100000011148
Shally's GameLynzi Bennett100000011148
Amour de ma VieSally Wilkin01000001952
Briarwood Forget Me NotFiona Smee01000001952
Crossowen's Wise GuySarah Ahrens01000001952
EddieJo Cross01000001952
Loxland Amazing GraceEmma-Jane Smith01000001952
Sheila's HeartEmma Robinson01000001952
Bonnie ViiRachel Rose00100001858
Haybells GwillimHelen Rice00100001858
Hob NobKarl Dawson00100001858
MaisieJemima Whitwell00100001858
OliverCatherine Wynne00100001858
PilgrimMillie Rowe00010001763
Go with the FloSam Dew00001001664
Hightowne KiteGemma Austin00001001664
SteveJemima Whitwell00001001664
Gaelic EnchantmentJames Tebbitt00000101567
PoppyRachel Orriss00000101567
Tomgarow MaggsHilary Murfitt00000101567
FuseDi Archer00000001170

Junior League

Horse Rider 1st 2nd  3rd 4th 5th 6th >60% N.P.* Entry Points Total Place
Redwings QuincyMary King72000009951
RooIsabel Bourne40000004442
SummerAlice Osborne40000004442
Eskadale ValenciaAmara Marriott02000002184
Natural DawnAmber Dickson0100000195
Philmarsh TinkerbellOlivia Livall0100000195
Laithehill ChoirmasterTia Wynne-Rogerson0010000187
Milbrae DannyGeorgia Dilley0010000187